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What is MESH

(Recipe for healthy aging: Move, Eat, Sleep, Heal) Dr. Bill Thomas, Founder of the Eden Alternative and creator of The Green House Project gave a provocative, captivating (and at times humorous) speech to kick off the 2015 Senior Living Innovation Forum. While he touched upon a variety of themes, Dr. Thomas focused a majority of his talk […]

What does a day in the life of a private practitioner look like?

A Typical Day in the Life of a Doctor Well, the eight or more hours of work are all about back-to-back meetings.  A doctor’s bread and butter is seeing patients, and each appointment is essentially a meeting with a client.  You check the details of the case, try and get a sense of what’s going […]

What is Provider to patient ratios?

What is the Provider to Patient ratio? The PP ratio is essentially the number of patients that physicians are able to see per hour (PPH) during the course of an average day. For example a PPH of 1.5 is considered decent, but in modern medicine is unacceptable.  An acceptable PPH is 2.0, and that is actually […]